About Us

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"Three years ago, Isaac had a serious ankle injury during a basketball game. 

As a result of the injury, he couldn't walk for 6 months and a number of surgeries were required.

Whilst watching his team play, Isaac was able to use a massage gun for a few moments. The feeling of relief was unparalleled and Isaac's ankle had never felt better.

Isaac then put his engineering degree to good use and created the first ever Steady State Massage Gun (The Convolution©). 3 years later Steady State has a range of quality Massage Guns specifically targeted at Aussies who need a high quality solution to muscle pain and tightness."

Our Vision

We believe in optimising the efficacy of recovery to fundamentaly improve the lifestyle of everyday people.

During the lockdown we saw a large amount of people in need of muscle pain relief, unable to get the appropriate care due to restrictions.

Our vision is for everyday people to have access to high quality and perfomance massage guns.

Make your best self, your Steady State.